Cow Hide Belting Leather sexy Paddle Slapper Thick, Weighty & Sturdy toy RED

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Warning : We stitch this product in 100 % genuine cow leather and we guaranty our  product. Some sellers are selling this product with the name of real leather but they are using Faux or China Leather which look like leather but its not real leather. SO respect your time and money.

Material: 100 %Genuine and Real Cow Hide Leather 6 mm Thick.

  •    Handle is 14 Inches long and Fully Hand made and Hand Stitched.
  •    Slapper is 6 mm thick.
  •    Width of slapper is 9 inches.
  •    Weight is 350 Grams
This leather slapper will create a loud crack of sound when use. The Slapper is weighty and Strict & will definitely leave its mark but not hurt too much.

Please note these Paddles are pre-made. These are carefully hand-made with attention to detail upon receipt of your order. We always maintain Stock in our head office Houston Tx, But some time due to non availability of stock we ship products direct from our manufacturing unit located in another country through Expedite courier service.

Additional Information 

Some other suppliers use bad quality leather or faux leather and China leather for prepare this Beautiful Paddle.  We have been every piece of leather quality inspection and checking before purchase. We use only best quality leather available in the leather market. we are not accepting return in the case of any type of alteration or changing in design, accessories or product pattern from your side.  

These Pleated kilt market price is $49

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